We'll match or beat your current pricing by 5%*

We’re a small shop. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with the big guys. We want your ongoing business, so we’re eager to go above and beyond what it takes to make things happen. Our Club members receive the lowest prices we can afford. We’ll work with you to set up a pricing plan that fits and scales your print needs with your bottom line top of mind. *Pricing is subject to change depending on current costs of paper, shipping, and supplies.

Custom online ordering

You’ll have access to your own online Manifold print shop linked through our website where your marketing team, managers, or staff can simply log in and request what you need any time of the week. If you have changes to files or things you’d like to add, just email us and we’ll update the store library to keep things current. We invoice our clients every two weeks and you’ll receive receipts after each order you make. Previous projects are stored within your account so it’s easy to place reorders with the push of a button. No need to hop on a call and explain what you want every time you make an order. We’re all about efficiency!

Unique paper stock selections

Of course, we always have the bare bones available to ship out the door. If you have a particular paper you’d like to use for your prints, we’ll gladly safeguard your supply here so it’s accessible whenever you’re ready to order. We’ve fostered relationships with a vast array of local paper factories and can get our hands on just about any specialty stock your heart desires.

Free delivery

That’s right. All Club members receive free delivery within the Milwaukee County area. Shipping fees may apply for any deliveries outside a 20 miles radius from our shop in Bay View. We have our own couriers who deliver prints daily. We’re pretty frickin’ fast! 

Printing Pros

Because we’re a small shop, we get to know you pretty well. Our printing specialists understand your files and your printing needs, so it’s far from likely you’ll receive misprints. And we’re just a phone call away. You’ll probably talk to the same two people on any given day. We’re all about providing reliable service and quality prints.

We're designers

If we see something we don’t like… we’ll tell you. And we’ll make sure it’s fixed before it goes out the door. Our print shop is within a hop, skip, and a jump away from our designers at Rev Pop. We love to get our hands dirty and make things look pretty. We’re always happy to help make sure everything’s nice and tight before ink hits the page. If you need graphic design help, we can surely be of assistance. Check out to see our work.


It’s pretty painless. No contracts. No funny business. We’ve made it pretty darn easy to become a member of the Manifold Print Club. Send us your files and paper specs, along with any receipts from your current printer so we can be sure we can match your pricing. There’s a $100 monthly subscription fee that goes to offset paper storage, courier fees, and production labor. If you’re printing over 5K per month, that monthly fee is waived and we’ll lower your printing costs by up to 5%. Print more and pay less. We’ll even throw in some cool discounted swag from our print shop where you can grab sweet posters, shirts, hats, hoodies, and notebooks. All for a sense of belonging. Let’s print some stuff!